Active Members herein after designated as members shall be restricted to members in good standing. Any person desiring to become a member shall have fulfilled the following requirements:

1. The applicant shall have served six (6) months as an associate member and have attended at least four (4) meetings out of the six meetings immediately prior to application, rising in the order of first come, first served basis.

2. Minimum age for membership shall be 18 years.

3. The applicant must be of good moral character.

4. The applicant must be cleared through the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department. 

5. The applicant must subscribe to the purposes and objectives of the Posse. 

6. The applicant must be a resident of Mesa County, Colorado. 

7. Active participation in Posse activities is required. 

8. A member must either control or have at his immediate disposal at all times: suitable horse, western saddle, means of transportation for horse and equipment, bedroll, slicker, lariat, flashlight, eating utensils and canteen. 

Active members shall be compelled to fulfill the following annual requirements to maintain active status: 

1. The financial obligation must be fulfilled. 

2. Uniform inspection must be fulfilled. 

3. Attendance at a minimum of 50% of all monthly meetings is required. In the event this is impossible, makeup meetings will be considered by attendance at the Board of Directors’ meetings, unless excused by the Board of Directors. 

Associate Members must be over sixteen (16) years of age, interested in the Posse, and desire to take an active part. The candidate for associate membership shall submit an application with the required annual membership dues to the membership committee. The committee shall notify the applicant of the Posse’s decision. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active members except the right to vote and hold office. Associate members becoming eligible for active membership shall submit an application for membership if they so desire, and shall have priority over new applications. 

Junior Associate Members shall be members who wish to participate in certain Posse activities that do not include law enforcement or searches. They may participate only when a parent, guardian or adults Posse member is present. Upon reaching the age of sixteen (16) years, Junior Associate Members shall automatically move into Associate Membership.